Woodward, Goofers..

you make feel a little bad re: my 'bragging" about FBFK ;-) @ 22974 right now !!!

I'm just starting this little topic for all to come moan about their 50 - 100 userbase ;-(


There are many theories on how to attract a large userbase to a social networking website. I bellieve that FBFK's "success" is a coincidence, a social black hole that was filled up initially purely accidently to keep MJ's 5-yr old off the other FB !!.. if you could only read how MJ has explained privately to me.. about how FBFK started...

Have a read thru these --

Much good reading, esp the second one by Ben from a while back, before he left Elgg.com

My small points are that a Social Network will not attract a userbase just because I have created it using Elgg (or whatever) as a super-duper pkg with oodles of neat plugins !!! A social networking site will only be "successfull" when it satisfies a certain "hunger" people have for "something" on the internet. And that hunger is *not to simply be a user on an Elgg (or other)  SocNet web-site.

That hunger is a far more personal and human psychology factor. Why do we go to bars ? Why do we join Tennis Clubs ? Why do we join dance clubs ? Why did we join this Elgg community ? Humans need to communicate their thoughts, feelings, sometime just have a need to to another human person...

Am I making this too heavy and academic ?

A successful social web site depends on a lot of **human factors, not just software and plugins alone.. That is one reason there are so many $5 hosting accounts owned by those who think they will be the next Facebook or Myspace, while the hosts are making $5 x NNNNN per month ;-)



  • Hi Malaga Jack, Dhrup et al,

    Did you come to any conclusion about your server memory issues?  I am interested as I was suspended by by hosting company the other day for exceding their fair usage of RAM... it is only a test site at the moment with a handful of users and the only active ones are all me!!

    It would be good to hear from others who know more about this stuff... I ran Yslow ( http://developer.yahoo.com/yslow/) on a couple of pages, and yes... they did not perform very well... but I think there is more to do. 

    The new style guides in elgg 1.7 will be a start no doubt, but... having css files everywhere and extending things left right an centre does smack of ineficiency, the YSlow referance points to some really good practice, but I do not know what to do about any of it... I know too little to work it out.

  • oops did i say 50,041, there's 52,432 of those silly chilluns hammering us right now ;-)

  • Have a guess regarding this ???

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    Currently your profile has been viewed 28491 time(s).

  • I can never keep up with those danged numbers ;-O ==> 56,095 rite now !! and...

    ---> Two months back to the future....

    The New 3D program

    (Q): What's this about?

    (A): Well it is a new super program that is going to be available for all FBFKids.com members.

    It is owned, operated and controlled by FBFKids.com -- we **are taking Elgg to the extreme !!;-O

    Yes but What is it?

    (A): Well inside you will be able to create your own avatar, chat, go to dances, walk around. own your own apartment, and lots lots more.

    To begin with the first event that will be held is the Upcoming Spring Dance. After that.. More and More... and More..

  • This is all very cool, but are you making money?  Is FBF(insert additional letter here)  making money?

    If so, would you mind sharing your model?

  • LOLZ;-O -- Our member count is "off" by 58,850 ;-)

  • Happened to find some chit-chatting about us -- nice to be noticed ;-)

    Protecting our Children online with FBFkids (Formerly Facebook for Kids)
    By Wendy Krick


    Lets face it. Things are much different for our children then they were for us. I used my first computer in my 20's where now, many children under 2 are learning to type away. And now teachers are assigning homework where children need to use computers. So there is no stopping kids from going online.

    And many kids want to join sites like facebook and myspace. So this becomes a little scary for parents because there is no way to know who they are chatting with etc.

    I have discovered a site called FBFkids that is "a non profit, safe, secure, Monitored & Moderated childrens social networking site. For the protection of our children."

    Keeping Kids Safe Online

    Online Safety For Your Child: Learn Internet Safety For Kids And Keep Your Children Safe On The Internet

    5 Golden Rules

    Here are the 5 Golden Rules that are posted on the FBFkids website which encourages kids to never post their e-mail, address or phone number anywhere on this site or on the Internet. They also strongly encourage children to tell their parents about anything that makes them feel uncomfortable. Plus there is a report button on the left hand side of every page. Also they state that you should never arrange to meet someone unless your parents or a trusted adult is involved.  

  • 113,935 registered users @ today ;-) elgg-powered ;-X