Create river item after saving an object entity and share this item with specific members

Hello Elgg Community,

I need to create item river after saving an object entity,this item contained  data from object entity, I succeeded to add item to River

using this code(Car is the subtype of Object entity):

                'view' => 'river/object/car/save',
                'action_type' => 'save',
                'subject_guid' => elgg_get_logged_in_user_guid(),
                'object_guid' => $car->getGUID(),

But access_id  of this item was the same as the entity Car (I chose public during test).

I need to show this item in the river (but not for all user but only in the river of 3 people  that I can determine their GUID, and they can share their comments for this created item after adding entity of type object

Please how can I do that ? , I am thinking about Container_id  but I don't have a clear idea.

Thank very much.

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Beginning Developers

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