Include Plugin in our application

How can i use plugins in an external PHP file after including engine/start.php

Example: How to Use Likes plugin in external PHP file.

How can i include likes plugin in my application

  • What kind of application are you developing? What kind of content would need the liking feature?

  • I want the Like button on the page which will give the number of likes.
    But as i am new to elgg i don't know how to interact with likes plugin in my application.
    How to call the likes plugin from external php file.

  • The likes plugin works only with content that has been created using Elgg (blogs, wikis, bookmarks, etc). To be more precise, only the objects that are instances of the ElggEntity class can be liked.

  • I have developed an application on Angular and PHP.
    So i want to create a like option.
    how can i add like plugin in our application.
    i am trying like this

    index.php code:



  • Does you PHP application somehow process ElggEntity objects?

    • If not: no, you cannot use the Elgg likes plugin at all
    • If yes: why not just use Elgg directly instead of creating you own PHP application?
  • I require only some functionality of Elgg , I need to integrate some functionality with my current application which is entirely different build using angular js and php as back end . How can i integrate Elgg functionality with my current Application.

  • How can i include any plugin into external PHP file.

    File Structure
    elgg folder
    data folder

    index.php code : 




    echo "this is index dot php";

  • Elgg's bootstrap (engine/start.php) requires its own (global) PHP session and uses lots of other global state, so you generally cannot integrate it with another PHP application (within the same request).

    To help you we'd need to know a lot more about your existing PHP app, and if you already have the Elgg app working separately, whether your visitors have accounts on it, etc.



  • is there any other way to integrate ELGG with existing PHP application. ?
    How can i access plugin lib file through external PHP file. ?

  • Vicky, we need to know more details about your existing application to help you. Repeating your original question does not give us that information.

    Elgg was not designed to be integrated like this so you need to be ready to do a lot of custom work either way.

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Beginning Developers

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