Elgg site developer

I am looking for a site/theme developer this will  be a paid job.  I have a site located at moviecoupons.com. Part of this job will to also be able to turn over to the web developer (me). So a little traiing of edge wil also be part of the job.

I need to move on this rather quickly. So please contact me as soon as possible.




  • Jake,

    You're posting duplicates ;-)

    "to get a site up and going rather quickly ... "

    'hurry => bad curry..." ;-) --- Why the hurry ? -- you know good thngs take time ( Justin is right -- if you're in real hurry.. CurveRider can most likely get you going faster )

    "I am on a time schedule and need to get a site up rather quickly... This site can be fairly simple to start I just need to get it going with a few parameters. "

    (1)    "A simple site" ==> yes, can be put up quickly - no frills, nothing fancy - This I could do quite easily !

    (2)    What are your realistic objectives ? You probaly will want to extract data from your MovieCoupons WordPress site and load to the new Elgg-based site, Correct ? If so -- this will take more effort.

    (3)    If you're lookingfor a quick simple to get going, but with some spice -- there are themes and ( hopefully easier ) customizations - eg CustomIndex which can do the job to sme degree. Further *customization => more effort.

    Have a browse around these ==

    Sample simple sites usng Elgg :=

    * http://www.bookraiser.com/

    * http://laurenceschool.net/

    * http://www.israelfans.net/elgg/

    Sample fancy sites usng Elgg  :=

    * http://www.budokin.com/

    * http://mimundo.peesco.net/


    After checking out these sample Elgg sites -- you woll have a better feeling for what I've said so far. When you're ready to decide your direction. post back in more detail here -- I'll let you know if I'm interested in bidding.



  • Lovegin John


    I can help you in customizing elgg as per your requirements and creating plugins at very competative rates. I have over 2 years experience with elgg and creating plugins.

    Please let me know if you are interested.



  • I can start right away, I can't create plugins but if what you want is avalable via plugins then I can customise a site for you quickly.