just want to ask

why i cant comment or see commemts on plugins which uploaded on elgg??? is there any changes??

  • What comments can't you see?  There hasn't been any changes in a long time.

    eg. Here are comments for one of my plugin releases: https://elgg.org/plugins/1635100/releases/1.8.3

  • I completly agree with 'just want to ask' some 3-4 months back there is a change in the way the comments are placed. its bit difficult to search for.

    a simple answer is now comment are distributed across releases, so you cant read the older comments in latest version. to view older comments you need to go to that release page.

    During the migration, this site had tried to put older comments into various older releases.However I feel that  some of the comments got lost..(I observed that many of comments on my plugin might have gone lost. but I dont have any proof of it.)