solr plugin integration to elgg


I installed "solr" hoping to increase the scalability of my site. Now I need some help to integrate and/or debug solr search plugin. I followed the steps 

1. downloaded solr 1.9.5

2. installed both solr and vroom and enabled them at elgg

3. I skipped the step of "Configure Solr with the schema.xml included in the root directory of this plugin." I found "schema.xml" in the root directory and I believe not touching this file will not bother

4. Enter and save the connection information on the plugin settings page:

    host: localhost

    port: 8983

    path: /solr/

    core: collection1

5. I did a "reindex from the plugin setting page"

6. Come to my elgg homepage and typed some common word at "search bar", I see 0 results

7. Turn off solr, and type the same common word at "search bar", I see many results like before.

Can someone throw some lights ?


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