Unwanted Wire Post in Profile

Some time ago I noticed that members' latest Wire post appeared at the top of the profile page beside their avatar. This is not a widget and cannot be removed. It's a mystery! Anybody had the same experience or know how to get rid of it ? Am running Elgg 1.8.13 and have never touched the Wire plugin.


  • that is only temporary, or the last wire-post. it come fro mthis file.

    If you look at /mod/profile/view/defaut/profile/details.php you will find this line

    echo elgg_view("profile/status", array("entity" => $user));   // however there is not view called status. its just virtual..

    Now if you see start.php of thewire plugin. you can see

    elgg_extend_view('profile/status', 'thewire/profile_status');


    If you remove any of these two  line you will not see last wire post.


  • Use this code in your plugin:


  • Hmm, which one to choose ?...

    Think I'll try Evan's first. But Evan, into which file of the profile plugin should I insert your line ?

    Thanks, Jon

  • Insert it into your own plugin, not the profile plugin or any other plugin you don't own

  • Many thanks to Evan and enRaiser for their help. I went with enRaiser's suggestion and deleted the line from the start.php file. It worked perfectly. Like (I suspect) many users of the excellent Elgg platform, I've tried but could never figure out how to write a plugin so unfortunately could not use Evan's idea. 


  • Have you looked at the documentation for creating a plugin: http://learn.elgg.org/en/1.12/tutorials/index.html

    Evans response was the correct one, removing lines from the profile plugin is a bad idea and will lead to complications for you in the future: http://learn.elgg.org/en/1.12/guides/dont-modify-core.html

  • @jon666

    Terribly sorry that this has been your experience. I'm doing my darndest to make this better in 2.0 for people who just want to make quick local modifications to their site and not worry about the overhead of "writing a plugin." I really like the solution we have right now and hope others find it at least somewhat intuitive.

  • I feel really sorry that I misguided jon666,  What Evan suggested is the best method, every one should avoid touching the code not owned by him ,otherwise you will have to pay for it in future. In fact even I had done the same way that Evan suggested.  But why I did not tell that ,because I mis-understood your question, and thought that u are just curious to know how it works.


  • @enraiser - No problem, we know you weren't trying to maliciously mislead him, we just always want to encourage best practices :)

  • You can take this plugin as an example. Its a very simple plugin. 

    • Download the plugin, unzip it
    • You only need the start.php and manifest.xml files. You can remove all other files and folders.
    • Rename the parent folder as you wish
    • Edit the manifest.xml file based on your folder name
    • Edit the start.php file and put Evan's code with in the init function.
    • Enable the plugin in your admin panel and place it below the profile plugin.