Tabs - Change text colour

I believe the text colour in the tabs is hard for some of my elderly members to notice easily. It seems to be the a mid grey against either a white or lighter grey background. I've searched all the css files plus those in my theme plugin (which is the earlier and excellent Easy Theme)  but cannot find the appropriate line to change. I'd like to use a much darker grey.

Would appreciate if anyone can offer some help in this.


  • Colour of tab menu is set in file:
    under FILTER MENU

    This file is in elgg views directory or in your theme views directory.

    It is recommended to build your own plugin instead of changing core files.

  • Easytheme doesn't include the navigation.php file so, if you want to make this change within the theme, I think I would edit .../default/easytheme/css.php and just add the following code to the very end of the file:

    .elgg-menu-filter > li > a {
        color: #333;

  • Many thanks to you both. This worked on my Elgg 1.8.13 for all plugins except one, namely:

     an enhanced Members plugin for Elgg 1.8 by Satheesh PM that also shows "Online Today, This week, This month" and an Avatar Gallery.