webservice issue

If we impliment a hook for page:before then whatever we output in that hook will also get injected into webservice.

this is because the web service plugin also uses elgg_view_page.


I think this is a bug of ELGG. 


what do you say ?


  • I don't think it's necessarily a bug, when you use a hook it's up to you to check parameters and such that your code is only running when you want it to

  • but it obvious  necessity.

    luckily in my case I set elgg_set_view('engap'); in web service.  so in I prevented the page:before code, by restricting it to only default view.   

    but others are not that lucky, they also need sililar trick, and so all public plugins who use page:before, will  have to be hacked by people who enable web service.