Avatars, and photo Galleries

So ive used softaclous installer to install the latest Version of Elgg 1.12.0 on my test site, Ive got everything running sweet but have came accross this :

Tried uploading an Avatar for Admin profile it doesnt work nor the cropping tool.??

Also im looking for something for my users to be able to have photos on their profiles is this possible as yet??

  • futher to this comment ive found my image gallery for my users but the avatars problem is still happening, a little more :

    Im not using a theme just the bog standard one for now, all plugins are not new really just activated in the Admin panel...

    This is very confusing and annoying lol! :)

  • I guess the uploading/processing of images is not working correctly on your server.

    This could be caused by the GD php extension not being installed on the server or not working correctly.

    Or there might be php variables set to too low values on the server to process the uploaded image files. Processing of image files - especially larger images - requires memory_limit, post_max_size and upload_max_filesize be set large enough. You can adjust the values of these variables in .htaccess of Elgg.

    Or there's a problem with the data directory of your Elgg installation, e.g. permissions of the directory, preventing the files to be saved on the server.

  • ok ill talk you through, i browse to file> click ok> then theres an image of a question mark.

    Top left says succesfully uploaded ! but it doesnt seem to be visable?


  • The question mark image is a placeholder that is displayed if the actual image is unavailable. The reasons for the image not being available are listed in my previous posting: either the saving of the image in he data directory fails or the processing of the image with the GD php extension (creation of thumbnails) fails due to the GD extension not being correctly installed/enabled or the php variables being too restrictive to handle the image.

  • ok ty for the input, so what is the CHMOD values, and which Directory am i to examine?

  • You can find out if the permissions of the data directory are wrong by uploading a small, non-image file for testing with the bundled File plugin. If you can download this file afterwards, the permissions of the data directory are not the problem but rather the problem is with processing of images files only (GD extension used for creating the thumbnails) or the php variable values in the .htaccess file that would need to be adjusted.

    If you can't download this non-image file either (likely because the saving of the file failed), the permissions of your data directory are wrong. The data directory is the directory you had to create prior installing Elgg and I can't tell you where you created this directory exactly. If you created it outside the document root directory (e.g. outside public_html) setting the permissions to 777 (recursive) shouldn't be too risky. Important is that the webserver is able to read from / write into the data directory.

  • ty kindly iionly! i will see what happens now then.


    I think it could be an issue with the Softaculous installer perhaps as this created the ElggData folder aswell as all the other folders and files!

  • Toby, I'm bringing our conversation here because I'm pretty sure that this is the same problem as your problem with EasyTheme2. I think when you solve this avatar issue, then EasyTheme2 should work as expected.

    iionly, Toby is also having problems with the data folder/files for EasyTheme2 that are not being created and/or found, so I think there's a permissions problem somewhere.


  • yes no worries jB id like to thank you guys for the help and let you know ive resolved the issues!

  • Technical..... yet Very helpful suggestions.