Post (the wire) and comments like a facebook. Small PROBLEMS

Hello everyone , I am trying to set my elgg site with these three plugin: TheWire Tools 4.0, The Wire Edit 2.2 and embedlycards 1.9.0 
I only have a small problem, in the wire section, when i try to "Reply" or "Edit" a wire post this two function don't work and the "Thread" button is not see. Some solution? Thanks a lot.
  • First I would identify which plugin combinations are causing the problems. E.g. disable embedlycards and see if anything starts working (make detailed notes). Then re-enable it and disable The Wire Edit and do the same.

    On Elgg 1.12 you can also enable Developer tools and inspect the views. In that page search for "over" and you'll see view overrides. If one plugin is overriding the view of another, there's no way both can work properly; you'd basically have to ask the plugin authors to work together on a better solution.

  • @nello9200 Issue linked with Embedlycards: this plugin overrides the wire's object.php file