Hi all,We need connect elgg to android and IOS for develooping ,do you think so?

people like and use APPs in Mobile .We must have a proffessional APP for devloping.

  • adc

    Elgg's themes and plugins can be made dynamic enough to run and view comfortably in android and iOS browsers using almost any screen size. Apps or plugins which are needed however, are those which enable access to elgg functions and content via voice assistants, in car connectivity, smart TVs and wearables such as Google glass and the new generation of smart watches.

  • Hi I'm starting to develop a native application for Android, for now I'm testing an API for  Elgg 1.11, as the API has it in a stable phase, i will publishes in the community as plugin.

    The mobile android version I hope to release in the next month.

  • please visit my test app by downloading from here http://engap.org. I have developed this app using phonegap, and angularJS. you just have to install my plugin, and point the app to your site.


  • adc

    I don't see engap (or any mobile app built only to display elgg on a smaller screen) bringing anything useful to the table -other than an excuse to make money providing a service which has zero need/value at this time. Until voice assistants can be used engap and other apps are great excercises in futility.

  • I have not seen any viable solution yet. I tried engap test app but cannot even login to my own site. It is phonegap based but I could not get it working. 

    If anyone is interested in mobile app development for elgg, I am willing to contribute my time. Seriously this needs to be added to elgg. I am deliberating switching to buddypress because of lack of mobile support in elgg.

  • I am the developer of enGap, and you can see many have downloaded and successfully integrated too. so obviously. it works :). moreover in near future I am planning to port more and more platforms like wordpress, too on enGAP.

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