Interactive graphical visualization of networks?

Hello everybody,

It's time I have been thinking of something like this for Elgg networks, wouldn't it be great?

I understand that one is quite complex but is there any plugin, paid or free, who started to do something alike? Possibly for Elgg 1.9-1.11 and soon for 2.0?

What do you think?



PS. I'm always afraid of being misunderstood when opening this kind of "any plugin out there?" discussions but please note I always add "paid" as well to evaluate :)

  • It already exist, from quite some time:

    I tested it on elgg 1.9 without issues.

  • HI Rodolfo!

    Thanks but I searched even googling and no results were found.

    Yes, this is a good start but it would be nice also to be able to select any Elgg entity as node (discussions/blogs,tags...) to also analyze which contents creatd more attention for example.

    Also a cron job to export data on a regular basis would be nice.

    Anyways all of this requires an external desktop software which means a site admin should create some video and then upload it somewhere and share which, if I'm not wrong are all manual actions.

    Anybody else interested in this? Wouldn't it be a nice feature for Universities to study networks for example?



  • Hi Michelle!

    This plugin does what we need. We can show how groups (classes) and users (students) are connected to the site. The idea of adding more nodes sounds good for a social network, so you can see which user creates more content and the relationship with other users.


  • Hi Rodolfo,

    unfortunately it doesn't work for me on 1.9.8, can't activate and don't understand why (-master erased and the right plugin folder in /mod of course).