Tips: Using XAMPP to run an elgg network

It is strongly recommended to use a linux server instead of XAMPP, for any project, not only elgg. XAMPP has been developed for testing, not production.

However, that doesn't mean it won't work for serving a small private network for your company or school. There are some things that you need to take care, such as:

-Get Latest XAMPP build

-Static IP for the computer that will have elgg and XAMPP

-Set the IP address as the site URL of elgg

-At least 4 GB of RAM

-Change Windows Firewall to open port 80. Usually you don't have to do that.

-Change the php.ini  RAM per script from 128 M to at least 2048 M

-Change the httpd-xampp.conf to grant access to all incoming connections


On my stress tests, 4 GB of RAM let me had around 50 concurrent connections. I used a heavily modified elgg installation for the tests.

Evan Winslow did a better calculation of how much RAM is needed on a real server here: