Use of composer

As I´m reading in the community, composer is the future in Elgg, but i´m not sure if I must use it now and how.

I´ve Elgg 1.10 release, and for now I don´t develop plugins. I download plugins from the Elgg community and from Github and I´ve tried to use the composer:

In mod/plugin_dir I do:

curl -sS | php


php composer.phar update

...and I see vendors are updated but, that's all I must do with composer in my installation???


  • I am off topic but Ismayil will I be able to upgrade to Elgg 3 from 2.x.x and use the same database so I keep all my info. I realize all plugins may not work but I am concerned with the core Elgg.

  • Once Elgg 3 will be out you will be able to upgrade from Elgg 2.3 to 3.0 in the same way as you can upgrade from 1.12 to 2.0 (and later 2.x Elgg releases).

    3rd party plugins might not be available for Elgg 3.0 immediatelly after its release but I'm pretty sure that there will be updated versions compatible with Elgg 3 at least for the most used plugins available sooner or later. It seems Coldtrick is already working on updated versions as well as Ismayil. I have not really fully started with the work on updated versions of my plugins for Elgg 3.0 (I did some work already last year but I guess this was to a large extend too early as there came several changes in the Elgg 3 development since then so I will basically have to start again - and to avoid doing any unnecessary work I will not start again before the final Elgg 3.0 will have been released!!). But I surely will publish updated versions for ALL my plugins.

  • Elgg 3.0 introduces database migrations as well as asynchronous and synchronous upgrades. You will be able to upgrade the database schema without much hassle, we have even added convenient cli commands and admin interfaces to do everything for you, so yes you can use the same database. The upgrade paths from Elgg 2.3 onwards will be much simpler, there will no longer be a need to decide which upgrades to keep in plugins and which not. The system is much smarter and I hope in the future you will be able to upgrade from 2.3 to any future version without any intermediary steps.

  • Sounds good to me as I like Elgg and it suits my needs better than Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal. Elgg is exactly what I need and I hope it is here to stay for a long time.