Elgg => Moodle

This sounds interesting! I was thinking about single-sign-on between Moodle and Elgg. It should be quite easy to write an Elgg plugin which would check if the user is logged in in Moodle and log in the user in Elgg automatically. Shouldn't it? :) Depending on the themes user might not even notice when they move between Elgg and Moodle.

I really like the idea of having an Elgg group to extend a Moodle course.

  • Okay, I just misunderstood, I'm not very familiar with XML-RPC and its full potential but it does sound like the right way to go :) I just wish plugins in Moodle were as flexible as in Elgg.

  • Have you had a look at Moodle->Site Administration->Users ->Authentication ->External Databases?

    You should be able to use that to get moodle to use the elgg users_entity table to share user names and passwords at least.


  • Using same user database with Elgg and Moodle should be pretty straightforward. But with SSO it would be possible to exchange information between the systems without the need to login to both systems. For instance, you could have an Elgg group to extend Moodle courses, like Dhrup described above. And you could have a block in Moodle displying latest activity from that Elgg group.

  • Lovegin John

    Yes, we will have this all in action soon. We are in the way to lauch our moodle-elgg soup.

    Anyone has got a good name suggestion for the moodle-elgg combination?

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