No formatting on load?

Just wondering if anyone else has run into this problem.  It seems on some themes I'm getting a flash of unformatted content.  I can't seem to work out what circumstances are required but curious if anyone else had this problem...?

  • I had this problem in Elgg 1.5, but that was related to the fact i was running FireBug (in FF)

  • I've seen this happen on a few machines where the site loads with no css. f5 fixes it everytime, but still.. it happens, I mainly use FF 3.5.2 with Firebug, but did see it happen on fathers computer using safari yesterday.

  • We discovered it was actually a very odd bug with either jQuery or FireFox or a combination of both.  The fix was to include an empty document.ready() function in the theme header.  Not sure why this works, but it's definitely a bug.  Will investigate more post-Boston.

  • Betty Jones

    yes, Brett, there are some problems in Jquery Problems, Like,  the topbar, tools dropdown menu,  and edit page buttons, its doesnot work sometime with templates. This problem is occured due to header.php and elgg topbar files only.

  • Just in case this is relevant, I reordered some plugins after upgrading to 1.6 and the CSS disappeared on my tools administration page (and only my tools administration page). This is not just a flash though - the CSS is never loaded. This is under Firefox 3.5.

    Firebug says:

    Error: The stylesheet http://localhost/elggdev/_css/css.css?lastcache=1251291001&viewtype=default was not loaded because its MIME type, "text/javascript", is not "text/css".

    I'm investigating further now.

  • More information: clicking around on the Tools administration page and even clicking on another URL and then clicking back does not restore the CSS. However, clicking on the browser reload/refresh button does work.

    As it happens, I upgraded to Firefox 3.5 just before upgrading to Elgg 1.6 so for all I know, this issue might be related to Firefox 3.5 instead. It's a minor annoyance in any case - I'm just reporting it in case this problem emerges elsewhere.

  • @Kevin

    I have exactly the same issue. Only plugin page doesn't load the css, which is really weird. Another point is I have installed elgg 1.6.1 on my macbook, and everything is fine - customized theme, plugins etc. But the installation on our server has the plugin page problem....

  • my problem doesn't go away even if i change to another browser, i have tried firefox 3.5.3 and Safari 4.0, the plugin page just refuses to be right :(

  • @Daniel Weird - Elgg 1.6.1 has completely fixed this problem for me.

  • To make it work, I have to change _css/css.php back to the commented out content in /* */ block, still seems like a simple cache problem to me, even though I dont use simple cache for my site.