x10 hosting problem with elgg

Hi guys. I do believe I ran in to this problem before with elgg and the free hosting website x10hosting.com and was unable to resolve the problem with the host so I am posting this for future reference. Whether I install elgg manually, or with the script installer elgg installs perfectly normal but when you try to upload anything, or post anything all pages just refresh and I get an error message saying "The page you were using had expired please try again" and nothing saves to the database. I think it might be because of  open_basedir not allowing elgg to access elgg's "data" directory when it is outside of root?  

I really enjoy using X10's free web hosting service as it is very nice, but I don't think it's possible for elgg to work unless they change some php settings on the server side?  

I wonder if elgg would work on x10's hosting if I moved the data directory somewhere in root? What is the real danger of that anyways?

  • you can give it a try

    The danger as far as I'm aware is security based, the data directory holds things like uploaded user files/images, config files, logs - lots of things you don't want to be publicly accessible.  You can protect it with .htaccess rules but it's safer to just not have it somewhere it could potentially be accessed directly from the web.

  • My real advice is to stop being quite so cheap, you can get a real hosting plan for only a few $ a month that is properly configured for whatever you need.

  • You could try again talking with the hosting tech support. Seems like this is something they should handle. Moving the data directory to the root, as Matt pointed out, is not safe.

  • I'm sorry, but this  open_basedir  problem is a real pain that keeps coming back to bite me in the butt with elgg.

    This is the second web host now that I am having a problems with this "Data" directory being installed outside of root because of this stupid  open_basedir  php issue preventing elgg from working properly. Basically elgg is dead in the water without it!  Why would elgg developers over look this problem and not come up with a better way to protect the data folder? it is a problem that a lot of people are having because when I searched for it, many posts came up with this stupid  open_basedir  thing being a problem for users. Besides, any non techie user would not even know how to find the file path to their data directory on installation so they would be stuck on that step anyways. 

  • @Jeff I would stay away from free shared hosting services, they tend to be more restricted than paid shared hosting services. Elgg is a resource intensive framework and could potentially shut you down from x10 without warning due to high CPU load. Like what Matt said, you're better off getting a real hosting plan.

  • Hostgator has starter packages for like $2.50/month - I use them for small stuff and it works just fine.  The problem here isn't Elgg, the problem is "free" hosting.

  • Oh, so you have to have paid web hosting just to test a php script now? ... sorry but that's lame!


    I would ditch that little open_basedir elgg boo-boo.


  • If money is an issue, why not just create a local Linux installation of your own and use that for testing? It's free and you can configure it to work any way you like.

    I use local environment for development and a *proper* host for production. I would never use free hosting for either.

  • Seconded - if it's just for testing use XAMPP or equivalent.  It's faster and you don't have to be ftp-ing your files everywhere