Where is "attendees" label stored ?

Hello. I'm using the french version of Event_Calendar 1.8. Can somebody tell me where the "attendees" label that is displayed on the main page is stored ? I want to translate it because, somehow, it is not part of the automatic default translations.

I've tried to change it even in the en.php english version, with no result. Neither did I see it in the atemay.js file where only major website calendars (Google, Yahoo,..) labels do appear. 

Thanks very much for your help.


  • First I want to thank you for your will to solve this problem.

    Now I've tried to do what you've suggested, but with no result.

    I keep thinking that the "attendees" label could be stored somewhere else. The reason is that another word, "Publique" ("Public" in english), just next to "attendees" is well translated, but does not appear at all in the fr.php file. So if someone can find out where the "Publique" label is stored, we'll be abble to find the "attendees" not far from it ! Well, that what I think, but I may be wrong. Thanks for any help.

  • This language string is yet another one: 'event_manager:event:relationship:event_attending:entity_menu'. And it's also missing in the fr.php language file. The language string for "public" is part of Elgg core and the French translations is included in the French language file of Elgg core.

    You have to realize that the French language file of the Event Calendar plugin is just incomplete. Most likely other translations are missing too. I would suggest that you just start to complete the translations on your own. Possibly it's even easier to do the whole translation from the beginning using en.php as starting point to not miss any language string. Or you compate en.php with fr.php line by line and add any missing string and translation.

    If you have a completely translated fr.php I'm sure the guys at Coldtrick would be happy to get it to include it in future versions of the Event Manager plugin.

  • Thank you for the explantion about the "Publique" label.

    I could not complain about any missing translation, for I know that the whole structure in english is a tremendous work. The think is that among all the given solutions, no one worked...

    Your last solution could be a good one to try...translating (partially or totally) to be sure that nothing is missing...and share it after...