Where is "attendees" label stored ?

Hello. I'm using the french version of Event_Calendar 1.8. Can somebody tell me where the "attendees" label that is displayed on the main page is stored ? I want to translate it because, somehow, it is not part of the automatic default translations.

I've tried to change it even in the en.php english version, with no result. Neither did I see it in the atemay.js file where only major website calendars (Google, Yahoo,..) labels do appear. 

Thanks very much for your help.


  • French translations of Event Calendar plugin are in mod/event_calendar/languages/fr.php. But the translations are very incomplete (sorry, but I don't speak French). This means that a lot of language strings that are included in en.php of the Event Calendar plugin have no translation in fr.php.

    If you want to add a translation for a missing language string then copy the corresponding line from en.php to fr.php and translate it to French there. After saving (save with UTF-8 encoding without BOMs) you might need to flush the cache of your Elgg site in the admin area for the translation to show up.

  • Thanks for the quick answer. Actually that is what I've done, with no result. The string and its translation does exits in the french fr.php file. But it is like it is not taken into account. Because even when I modify the en.php and switch elgg back to english, nothing happens. 

  • Hello again.

    First solution did not work. Is there another place (like a js file ?) where the "attendes" label would be stored? What makes me think that is because the corresponfing values of the attendees for one event  will change, and are note supposed to be static ? Would it not be stored in a "addition-substraction" function ? Thanks again for your time.

  • I'm not familiar with that plugin specifically but you should be able to find the corresponding language key in the french file and copy it to the english file.


    'calendar:attendees' => "Attendees: %s"

    Sorry, I don't know French - but whatever the label is you can search for it in the language file, then find the first part of it - in this case 'calendar:attendees'

    Then you can add that entry to the english translations.  Flush the caches afterwards.

  • I don't see the word "attendee" being used anywhere in the English language file. Which version of Event Calendar are you using? Is it from https://community.elgg.org/plugins/2215357 or from somewhere else? Is the word even "attendee" - and if it is what is the exact phrase displayed on the site and where on the site?

  • I think you might be using the Event Manager plugin. Right? This plugin seems to use the word "attendee" in it's language file at least.

    Don't change the en.php file but make the changes in fr.php. If you would change it in en.php but then set the language to French it wouldn't be used in any case. And as already mentioned by me before (and now also by Matt): you need to flush the cache in the admin section of your site for changes in language files to take effect.

    In fr.php of the Event Manager plugin I see the string

    'event_manager:event:attendees' => 'Participant(e)s',

    Is this the label you are looking for?

  • Thanks for all the "attendees" to my request !

    Yes iionly, I have this string in the french file (version is 1.8, I'm not sure where it's coming from but I did not choose the lattest one, in order to fil with my elgg current version):

    'event_manager:event:attendees' => 'Participant(e)s',

    That is the exact word, no need to translate it again. So why isn't it taken into account ? Would the brackets in Participant(e)s be  a problem ?

    Thanks for any reply.

  • It seems that the 'event_manager:event:attendees' language string is not used anywhere. Therefore, it won't have any effect to change the French translation in fr.php. The text you are seeing on the site must be from another language string then. Or the text is hardcoded in some file of the Event Manager plugin (in this case you wouldn't be able to translate it at all).

  • "Or the text is hardcoded in some file of the Event Manager plugin (in this case you wouldn't be able to translate it at all). "

    That is what I think.

    Do anybody else knows if we can access to the "attendees" label and modify it ? thanks.


  • I've checked the code. It's not hardcoded. It's the language string

    'event_manager:event:relationship:event_attending:label' => 'Attendees',

    that is used. But this string is missing in fr.php

    So, add

    'event_manager:event:relationship:event_attending:label' => 'Participant(e)s',

    to the language array in fr.php and it should show up (after flushing the cache in the admin area at the latest).