Error when registering an event with lattest Event Calendar


I've downloded two versions of Event Calendar (the full 0.85 version by Kevin Jardine) and the lattest one by  iionly, Juho Jaakkola and Kevin Jardine. (1.8 realase)

No one of these seem to work with my Elgg 1.8 version. (It worked once previously with the "agenda view" on the previous version, then I lost it again).

I always have an error message when trying to register an event. It says (translated, may not be exactly the same sentence) : An error occured during the event registration. Make sure that the specified fields have been correctly filled out.

I've tried several options in the calendar settings panel, with no success.

Please help : I've search trough the community posts, but no one seem to have reported this kind of error.  I'm also newbie in Elgg, so please use terms that I could understand. Thanks a lot in advance.

  • When creating a new event you need to enter at least an event title and you need to select the date the event is supposed to take place. If you have enabled also event end date and event times in the plugin settings you need to select these on creation of an event, too. If you haven't provided any of this required info the event can't get saved.

    If you have additionally enabled the plugin setting option "Make all visible fields except long description required" it's even necessary to enter some data for all visible fields on the event creation page. If you have enabled this setting I would suggest to disable it for now to see if saving events works better than.

  • Thank you ! That was all...

     "Make all visible fields except long description required". I have disabled it.

    Now it is working. I'll check and uncheck the different options to see their incidence on the agenda. 

    So easy...thank you also for being very clear in your explanation and congratulations for that plugin.

  • Hmm...I want to close the topic...But where ?

  • There's no option to close a topic here on the Community site. At least us normal users can't close a topic but I think admins can do it if it ever becomes necessary.