embedding Google map

Hi Elgg Gurus,

I'm studying a way to embed Google map as either plug-in or theme and looking for the information needed to achieve that. I'm searching Elgg plug-ins but not reaching helpful resource... 

I want to develop and embed a global member map, which shows graphic geolocation info of every member, although I'm not sure if it's feasible.

Could anybody point me to great resource for a novice guy, please(if any)?


Many thanks in advance.


  • Look at this plugin: https://community.elgg.org/plugins/1086612

    While not exactly what you want it should show you the kind of code you need.  That said, what you are proposing isn't really scalable.  What if you have 5000 users? 50000?

  • Thanks for an update, Matt! This is a very nice plug-in!!

    Yes, that's right. Showing too many users on a map would be a mess but one idea would be that we can start with dividing the world as three regions. For example, North America, Asia, and Europe. Then, users can zoom(in/out) depending on their interest. :)

  • Hi,

    Now I'm also looking into feasibility of displaying location tree.(eg. side bar)

    For instance;


     +--- United State +--- CA --- Palo Alto

     |                            +---  Berkeley

     +--- United Kingdom +--- London


    +--- Japan +--- Tokyo


    SO,,, I'm interested in travel community, thus, the tree structure should be also applied to other things such as restaurant(CountryName ->CityName ->RestaurantName) and hotel(CountryName ->CityName ->HotelName). :)

    I'm checking Elgg docs but is there any existing plug-in project similar to this kind of requirement? (It would be a great source to proceed!!)

    I guess that user database(not Elgg database) would be required and would like to confirm if my direction(building a user DB) is right.