NT just need some crisp favicons

By adc

I need some favicons created please.. one for my elgg site, and some for other sites. must look great when shortcuts added as apps. I haven't been able to find enough which are good enough. most appear woolly. 

  • Hi Adc,

    May i know what kind of favicons do you need? Please share your requirements.

    Izap support

  • adc

    hi iZap! I need a favicon for https://thesafesocial.net, then different ones for https://cool-post.com and the different login pages (managers, clients and affiliates) and services (cool-post.com is not an elgg site).. services include property sales and rental, legal aid(a tool for law firms), debt recovery(a tool for creditors, debt recovery agents, managers and advisories) and debt aid(a tool for consumers and creditors for debt management). others will follow. all must look great everywhere and at any size (on the desktop or windows start pages for example, as well as when smaller, in browsers)

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