How to install Elgg 2

How to install Elgg 2 from cpanel autoinstaller?
How to install Elgg 2 on localhost?

So far, Elgg versions have been super easy and smooth to install in both of the above - a reason of widespread adoption by non-geeky non-dev users, hobby (but serious) sites etc.

Trying to install Elgg 2 on localhost I am get "Run the following commands: curl -s | php php composer.phar install"
Does it mean new learning curve? I may correctly or incorrectly assume  Devs and similar-minded will say it is necessary and easy to learn the new stuffs and it is not a big deal. But with so many things at hand (user generation, site content, hosting) for a small user its indeed a big deal.

Is there any manual way to add some code to some file so that install of Elgg 2 runs just like previous Elgg versions?



  • Elgg 2 is not ready or released yet. Don't bother trying to install it for now unless you're a developer wanting to contribute. It's not production ready and major breaking changes are landing all the time. It is very unstable right now.

    We will start publishing betas and/or release candidates on July 5. Things will smooth out then.

  • Will the old plugins work with elgg 2? Currently I am using 1.11.2

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