can any one help me please

hi i started website with elgg script and after some registration of users the website doesnt send email confirmation to the new registration members can you help me to find solution? thank you for help .

  • Are you on a live server or locally?

  • No emails sent at all (e.g. email notifications on getting a private message still received or not)? If this is the case, something might have changed in the MTA config on your server. You can test email sending directly as explained at

    Another possibility - especially if only the verification emails do not arrive - could be caused by the server being blacklisted on email spam lists. This can happen especially on new servers and if the server config (email server) is lacking some methods to allow the email providers to check the credibility of the origin of the email. Such mechanism are Sender Policy Framework (SPF), DomainKeys and a valid PTR record. I would suggest to ask the support of your server to configure the server for you and also ask them if the server IP might be blacklisted.