Filter on river dashboard


When looking at the river on riverdashboard I can see whenever somebody creates a new topic, or an reply to a topic, in a group (along with all the other updates), but when I select to filter what is shown to groups alone, new topics and replies disappears.

Is that an error or an feature?

Is there some way to filter the river to show only discussion topics/replies?

Please help



  • I was just thinking about this earlier, actually... I rarely use the filter myself, so, I hadn't noticed it.

    *goes code-peeking*

  • I tried looking for it my self but didn't find anything... :-(

  • I'm interested in this as well. Was just now noticing that when I bookmared an article and set it to 'private' it still showed up on the dashboard. Seems to me that when a user does anything and sets it to 'private' that it should not show up but it does.... would love to filter that out, which imho it should be anyway

  • @Dagorath

    Have you found anything yet?

  • I have made a real ugly hack to make discussion show up in the filter on riverdashboard.

    In /mod/riverdashboard/views/defaultriverdashboard/nav.php right below :

    	if (!empty($vars['config']->registered_entities)) {

    Add this code:

    	// Ugly fix for missing discussions filter - kinkster
    if (is_plugin_enabled('groups')){
    $keyname = 'item:object:groupforumtopic';
    $contents[$keyname] = "object,groupforumtopic";
    // Ugly fix end

    Hopefully there will be a better fix in Elgg version 1.7