Elgg + own start page


I want to start a network which should provide some information on the startpage for non-registered people.
You can see it as a normal website which should have a network in the backend for some other who can discuss on some topics.

Is it easier to build an normal site with a link to the community or is it possible to build it all out of elgg?
For the moment I have been testing some plugins like "Homepage CMS" and "Site page" but they don´t meet my requirements...

Thanks you for help!

  • Hi brandy,

    Thanks for asking.

    Yes, there is provision to build separate homepage along with site building and this will be for Registered/ non-registered users. There is possibility available in both ways 

    a) To build an normal site with a link to the community

    b) To build it all out of elgg


    Izap support.

  • adc

    the free vrawa 2 plugin in the community plugin repository enables a professional and flexible landing page to be created. it also enables users the option to login normally or login by phone -which uses their smartphone/iPhone with touch id or pin instead of username, email and password. it increases user retention and negates issues for users who lose or forget their passwords and it makes your elgg site greatly more secure.