How to combine Own + Following river activity tabs into one

@iionly told me how to remove tabs and @tunist gave few suggestions on what I want to achieve. I want to combine "mine" and "following" tabs into 1 tab. I am not using friends functionality. I have installed followers plugin. I am using elgg 1.11.2. A rookie (non-developer) like me will say ok why not paste the code from the file responsible for "following" tab to "mine" tab. I do not know. Looking for help from the community. @tunist gave following suggestions.

if i were going to code a solution for this i would:

  1. find the part in the elgg code that draws the activity page
  2. identify the parts of the code that add the various tabs into that page
  3. create a view/page that produces the river list with the required data (mine + followed)
  4. find a way to remove the other tabs that are not wanted
  5. add the new river view/tab to the activity page

i imagine this might be done most effectively using plugin hooks, but i don't have a lot of experience with these so that's why my suggestion is to ask in the community ;)