The Verification Function in 1.9.8

My developer and I are having a devil of a time with the Verification function in Version 1.9.8. It simply doesn't work, very frustrating. Doesn't refer new applicants or anything else, actually, that it's supposed to. This seems a real weakness of this release. 

  • Make that the Validation function...

  • What exactly is the problem with the "validation function"? You had already started another thread about this issue but you haven't explained what the problem is. Are you referring to the handling of account activation by email? This validation process is done by the uservalidationbyemail plugin and there hasn't been any relevant changes within this plugin in Elgg 1.9 compared to previous Elgg versions.

    You would really have to explain in more details what your problem is. Does the account validation fail to work - you do have the uservalidation plugin enabled for it to work at all? Is there a problem with sending / receiving of the validation emails? Or are you and your developer trying to validate user accounts by other means - possibly using a 3rd party plugin - and this other method fails to work?

  • This is what I needed to know and should have asked in the first place – "there haven't been any changes in the validation plugin in Elgg 1.9 compared to previous Elgg versions."  Sorry I started a second thread on this question, but it was born of frustration and produced this very helpful answer. Thank you.

  • Good news! My developer seems to have resolved all this. She explains that my concern has been with the "Validation by Admin" function, which is not part of the Elgg core as is "Validation by email. She has apparently fixed the Validation by Admin, so I should be good to proceed from here.