Plugin Multisite Beta 1.3 is available

I just uploaded the Beta 1.3 version of the multisite plugin.

This time i have made a few  steps forward to implement local administration. so now the global admin can set the installed plugins as

global -> enabled for all sites
Local -> can be enabled at the community level
Theme -> theme plugin to be enabled/disabled at the community level
Hidden -> only the global admin can enable/disable it

I also implemented a domain management so that you can have several domains and subdomains on the same installation

And some more new parameters which will be used in the next versions

This is still a work in progress, and i release it to share it cause i know that some of you are interested in following and testing. It is still exclusively for test purpose ! Thats why i uploaded it in the mulltisite group that i have set up on, and you have to register to the group to download it


I also set a demo site here where you can create your own communioty and play around with the local admin menus

  • I stop the downloading of the plugin until you tell me more

  • No news ..... it didn't crash in some other places ... I checked again and cannot see what could make a whole system crash as the init process is just a matter of adding some metadata

    So i make the plugin available to download again...Please let me know as soon as you have some clarifications for me :)

  • Sorry i just get your message, but it seems to work now !!!


    So what happened ?

  • I just uploaded a new version of the plugin multisite (Beta 1.31)

    This version correct a few bugs of the 1.3

    - register and adduser now works correctly
    - The domain and network informations are not lost any more when a new community is created

    add new features :

    - Now the plugin works when elgg is installed in a directory (and not only when it is intalled at the domain root)
    - The "list all" function only list communities of the same domain or network

  • Hi Fab,

    When I create a new community I do not recieve and email to activate.  Could you tell me how to fix this?  Or, maybe tell me how to activate a community some other way? 

    Thanks for you help!


  • @Christopher : When you create a new community, should be automaticly registered to it. You can check this with the tools->communities->my communites   menu.  Then conect yourself to your new community, you should see an AdminSite option on the topbar. There you can open or close the community.


    @addclose : ive been to kewlmates, registered and create a new community (  but this is not the 1.3 version of multisite, did you step back ?  what can i do to help you ?  please tell me more about the error you get when initializing multisite