Hype plugins help/issues

I am using elgg 1.11.2. Hypewall version 3.2.3. I am having following problems.

1. Profile URL in firefox is appearing like mydomain.com/profile\/user and in chrome mydomain.com/profile//user. I installed the plugin "Profile url" from matt becket. It corrected the url to mydomain.com/user and my issue is solved. Still a problem on part of hypewall.

2. I am getting continuous warning Deprecated in Elgg 1.10: Use of .elgg-requires-confirmation is deprecated by data-confirm

3. Everything is fine for now, but when i try to play video, it says Unexpected error occured while performing an ajax call.

4. Also tell me plugin priorities as I am really confused. I am also using river addon and 3 column river activity plugins. When I put river addon above hypewall, the activity page says "page not found"

5. Hypeinbox 3.1.2 It does not save. When i click "save" in hypeinbox settings, it shows Fatal error: Call to undefined function hypeCategories() in /home/umairgro/public_html/social/mod/hypeInbox/actions/settings/save.php on line 5