What could be the possible problem

I am getting this error. Deprecated in Elgg 1.10: Use of .elgg-requires-confirmation is deprecated by data-confirm. I guess after I installed hype plugins, I am seeing this error. Website is working though

  • It's not really an error, but just a warning. It is visible only to administrators. Regular users do not see it.

    The message should really be visible only to developers and not admins, so that's why we have hidden these kind of messages in Elgg 1.11.0.

  • nothing to worry? hype inbox is giving this error when I try to save - Form is missing __token or __ts fields

    I have disabled friends plugin. only follower plugin.

  • Is there a way to find which plugin is responsible of this message without deactivating and reactivating all of them?

  • I think there's no plugin available to find out where this specific error is origin from. But the page / form you are on when the error occurs might give some indication what plugin is causing it. If you are using 3rd party plugins where the plugin developer did not explicitely recommended the Elgg version you use it's another indication that such a plugin might not be fully compatible.

    A lot of deprecation issues can be tracked using the Code Analyzer plugin (https://elgg.org/plugins/1213751). This plugins lists the locations in code where a deprecated usage of functions occurs. It will help will a lot but not with all deprecation issues (some warnings are displayed directly from functions that the Code Analyzer plugin can't include in its checks).