Starting to theme. For beginners

Hello everyone,

I'm new to Elgg, and live in the Netherlands.

I'm trying to help my dad to create a social media platform for roommates, of an apartment. So that they can plan an event for example Dinner At 7 o'clock. And others can join, comment or invite people.

But the stock theme of Elgg isn't really modern, good looking or young. So I decided to make our own.

I know html css jquery quite good, but php less.


So my question is. What is the easiest way, to create, customize my own theme, with CSS.

The explanation on isn't quite easy to understand for a learning developer (1 out of 3 years).


So can someone please help me out. Or explain it to me?

My skype is theobouwman1


I know that the community of Elgg is really really strong.


Thanks for the response already.


Theo Bouwman, the Netherlands