New user registeration email

When a new user registers, he gets following in the email and nothing else

; charset=""
  • Same approach as suggested at

    My guess is that you have at least one (possibly more than one) 3rd party plugin installed that is no longer compatible with the Elgg version you use.

  • ok. Should I use plugin version 1.8 with elgg version 1.11?

  • Is there a way to check which plugins are causing problems?

  • It's not possible to say if a plugin released for Elgg 1.8 will work on later versions of Elgg. The plugin author could simply not know that back then when the plugin was released and Elgg 1.8 was the most recent version of Elgg.

    Some plugins released as "compatible with Elgg 1.8" might still work without issues on Elgg 1.9 - 1.11. But you would have to test this for each plugin you add when using a later version of Elgg specifically or ask either the plugin developer for advice regarding compatibility or ask the community for feedback.

    If a plugin has been released as "compatible with Elgg 1.9" changes are much better that it will work without issues on Elgg 1.10 - 1.11. There are only some rare cases where plugins released for Elgg 1.9 have problems with later versions of Elgg.

    If a plugin has been released as "compatible with Elgg 1.10" it should work without any issues also on Elgg 1.11.

    When adding new plugins to your site and you are not sure if it is fully compatible the only advice I can give is to NOT adding more than one new plugin at a time but only add one new plugin and then test it thoroughly to make sure it works before adding more. Best would be to install new plugins not directly on your production site but on a test installation first and only if you made sure there are no issues add it to your production site.

    If you already added more than a single 3rd party plugin and now have issues but don't know where these issues come from, the only way to sort this out is by starting with all additonal 3rd party plugins disabled. With all the additional plugins disabled test again if you have the same issues. Only then is it possible to see if these issues are even causes by any of the additional plugins or if there's maybe an error with your basic installation (either caused by Elgg core or the server configuration). Only when you made sure that the basic Elgg installation works without issues can you enable the additionally added plugins again - but only one plugin at a time. With only one plugin enabled at a time and then testing its functionality you can either verify that it works without issues or you find out that this specific plugin is causing problems.

    If you have more experience with Elgg and its plugins it's getting easier to figure out what might be wrong and you will likely be able to identify the plugin that causes any problems without going through the process of testing every new plugin separately. But for a start you need to start slowly and the best way is by testing every new 3rd party plugin on its own.

  • I am new to elgg. Thank you for a detailed answer

  • The "Live Search Plus" plugin was creating the problem. Actually I tried to upgrade it. It installed, but not working. The confirmation email, however, is still showing the same problem. Even there is no from name when user receives the email.

  • I am also facing the same issue. Any solution?

  • Not yet. Deactivate all third party plugins one by one to check which plugin is causing problem. If there is an issue with your elgg, then report it

  • I have  installed the latest version of elgg 1.11.2 and user validation by email is not working...

    Simply no email is received. I have also searched in junk and spam but still there was no email...

    And furthermore upon resending the validation email from admin panel to user, he still receives no email...

  • If it doesn't work correctly even without ANY 3rd party plugin used, then it's very likely a server issue. As it seems the email is sent but the content is just not right. I think this means either the email server or php is not configured appropriately. I never came across such an error before, so I have no idea what might be wrong exactly. I can only guess that the charset (encoding to be used) is not defined but I don't know where this would have to be set up. My guess is that it would have to be charset="UTF-8" to work.