Design Feedback

Hello please give feed back on custom index desgin

old view:

Thank you for your help: goofbucket

  • It looks good... but the rocket scientist who did that page should have toggled those two small arrows so that when the bottom details are down, the arrow then points up and vis-a-virsa..

    He's obviously not very bright.. is he! image

  • Well ya no...some are just alittle denser then others.  Remember it's just a preview for feedback.  We will take into consideration the arrow issue before implemented.  We will also look into the dropdown speed.

  • That not-so-smart rocket Scientist who did the page is my friend.. don't knock him !! ;-)

    I just luuvvvv the directions the new design is taking... but wait until my "friend" UKR joins this group and offers his educated opinions ;-(

  • LMAO@educated opinions.

  • Now that will be exciting and enjoyable wont it, you really need a better case of friends to by-the-way.

    Yes MrC smoked it didn't he?  And just think all from a question on CSS.

  • Luv it.. absolutely unique looking!

    May want to find some way of describing 'why goofbucket'

    With so many social networks out there from the big players to the little guy, there really has to be a compelling reason to join yet another network....(I'm struggling with the same thing, why me and not fb/ms/others etc... why am I different/better/unique/?)

  • good point shawn..

    @goofbucket.. maybe it's worth publishing the link to your members and get their feedback as well.. and you can also say: we are improving and expanding so get inviting all ya friends..


  • I luv my elgg-friends. I have met quite a few ;-) but still better close this group because as Shawn says - Elgg has no way ban a user from a group, or does it ? If the troll comes in here, we will all get an earfull ;-)

  • @Dhrup... the guy that designed the page is yer friend, eh?.. oh that's right, you're the only one allowed to call him 'aussie wanker'.. I forgot.. my bad.