group request links issue

By Shawn

OK, running 1.6 'almost virgin' at the moment.

I created a private group, then had a friend make a request to join the group.

I received the 'message' saying user x wants to join the group, but the link provided is not clickable. Means I have to copy n paste into a new browser window to approve the user. There is no option to deny..

Can we please have buttons in the 'message' where we can click approve/deny instead of having to copy n paste into new window to only approve?

or if there is plugin for this already, I searched but no luck, could someone kindly provide a link?

--I know for us elgg users this is second nature, no problem cutting n pasting etc... just thinking about grandma who creates a private group.. I can see the flood of questions coming my way 'how do I deny them or how do i approve them, the link doesn't work LOL'....