Form plugin

Does anyone know of a simple form plugin I can use?

I want to create a form that users access and when submitted the content of the form is emailed to the administrator.

I'm also using the sticky widget plugin and I'd want the form to appear in the users dashboard.

Wish I was a programmer......

  • It isn't. You can get the public link (called "Link") from the admin interface. It is up to you (possibly using another plugin) to add the link to Elgg navigation.

    The form plugin creates forms - it is not a complete content management system.

    One exception is that you can add search forms to the tools drop down menu when creating search definitions.

  • Worked around it Kevin and sorted.

    Thanks for your help and I really do like the plugin. Gonna have to learn how to write these things myself......



  • One more thing Kevin.

    Can the plugin be used to add fields to the registration form?

  • Hi Kevin

    I think I need your help.

    I've created a content form using your plugin which was working perfectly. I made a change by adding an 'Access level' field and now, if i upload an image using one of the forms image fields, I get a blank page.

    Once I get back into the site, the content of all form fields have successfully uploaded apart from the images.

    Please can you help?

  • Hi Mick,

    Will look at that image bug today. I would love to add a registration feature but that would be a couple of days of work and would need to be funded by a paying client.

  • Would you be interested if we can draw some funding for this?

    Can you message me with some idea of costing. We are looking at possibly requiring more plugins...

  • Just for the record, it turned out that Mick had turned off the file plugin, which is required for the form plugin to upload images. I'll add that requirement to the docs for the next release.