Some suggestions for the future

1. It would be great if elgg completely rename files that are uploaded to the platform through the plugin files as dumb server when those uploads that contain especales characters, the letter ñ or stress stop working and is an odyssey to locate them.

2. In relation to the end of the previous point, I think it would be useful to add additional information to administrators for when we are viewing a blog entry file show your exact location on the server disk, along with the respective tables or and strings of the database. In the final case in point 1 it would help files quickly and the failover to reraise.

3. System AutoUpdate "elgg". I know it is complicated and is not intended to implement a autoupdate as has wordpress for example, but if you are going from now and not considering leaving the field prepared never going to arrive. So it is time to be proposing a system of autoupdate than hell every time you go to elgg upgradear between versions.

4. Autoupdate system "plugins". You also have to start thinking about checking system versions and self-discharge and installation of free plugins.

5. API for other platforms and websites to share their content directly into a elgg platform. That is, as you can now share content on twitter and facebook but in a elgg platform.

6. Complete example mobile App. I know that there is documentation of web services (which could be more comprehensive) and some application half with their plugins on the net, but I personally think it would be helpful to developers to have an app for android (for example) in which show on the one hand and retrieve information for display on an Android (activities, blogs, files, tweets, profile, messages) and secondly as sending information to post on a elgg platform. This can be a great feature to help disseminate elgg. Do not answer this point with links know all the plugins and documentation about it and if I say it's something.

7. Constant changes of functions. Please Hold back the sudden changes of functions between versions of Elgg. I understand they have significant progress, but must seek a "backward", even partial, of the plugins for older versions of Elgg. Practically no plugin works properly if it is for a previous version of elgg. Planner functions to the future, do not change their content and names constantly.

8. AutoSitemap default in the core/oficial plugin. How is it possible that the importance of a website is properly indexed in Internet search engines elgg not provide a sitemap can be configured to generate and all links? As this plugin, but that comes with elgg (official support) To me this for example no longer works in my elgg 1.9.1.

I hope these suggestions help improve elgg and thanks to all who make possible this project. A hug!

  • Just received a letter from one of our clients:

    We are considering Elgg for some social networking functionality. We also need some specialized customization. For instance, we need to be able to categorize each new member into one of two groups, members or sponsors, with sponsors being the monetization engine.

    We need to be able to use geo-location to connect sponsors and members that are located within a certain radius.

    We need compatibility with third party merchant accounts (could this be done with Html as opposed to the Elgg Platform?).

    We need the ability to geo-locate members and sponsors with a mobile version through GPS presumably).

    The general functionality of the social network would include friend activity feed, groups, discussions, blogs, chat, video, photos and a social share functionality to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  • 1. There may already be an issue to do this. Agreed server files should not use user-given names.

    2. The developers plugin does allow logging all queries to the screen. Give it a shot. There are a few plugins for exploring the storage backend in various ways.

    3. and 4. We're making slow progress toward the system being completely managed by composer (command line). This will make upgrade as simple as modifying the version of elgg (or plugins) in your composer.json file and entering composer update. If you manage Elgg via git, it's already as easy as checking out the next tag to upgrade.

    7. We're much more vigilant about BC now, but Elgg's plugin API is hugely powerful and lets plugins swap out of lots of core functionality. There's a limit to how much we can protect sites from plugins that interfere with one another.

    All the others: Fine ideas if you can find more people to work on them. That work is probably already underway and the challenge is shining a light on it.

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Feedback and Planning

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