9 Crucial UI Features for plugin and software developers

Anyone who has worked with social applications notices sooner or later, that end users are usually not very expert, and they have a hard time learning how to do things. One of the main reasons i chose Elgg as my main platform, was precisely the ease of use. Of course, there is always things to improve.

Here is a list of recommendations of must have design features in any social networking site, very useful for programmers and designers alike:


Uddhava dasa

  • Elgg needs native full-text indexing and search! For example, our requirements for user profiles are very high: real full name, recognizable picture and actual location (city, state, country). Also personal and community issues and plans are often discussed in groups. Therefore we do not allow Google to index our pages, but we do want and need full-text search for finding and filtering site content. As our community grows, no one will be able to keep up with all the posts and subjects. Site search is a big priority for us.

  • Really a great link Uddhava dasa. User interaction improvement was allways a very importat topic for me. Thanks