Is there a plugin to allow requesting an own group?

Since Elgg 1.9 it has been possible to use a setting to prevent non-admins from creating their own groups. I now have a need for plugin that would allow regular users to create a group request that admin then either approves or denies. If approved, the user gets an own group.

That way normal users still wouldn't be able to create groups, but admins could easily manage creation of new groups when necessary.

Does anyone know if such plugin already exists?

  • I haven't seen such a plugin. Would one of the role plugins I've seen kicking around maybe work for that?

  • It would be nice if Elgg had a standard way for users to request that actions be taken, without having their effects applied until someone with the right authority can review the request.

    This comes up all over the place. If anyone could make it happen I bet Juho could!!!

  • I remember Ismayil having developed hypeapprove once. Don't know if it's still maintained, but that had a way to limit all sorts of actions upon approval if I remember correctly. 

  • Speaking of roles... I'm revisiting the concept of roles in elgg, the first roles plugin developed by Arck was a good first pass, but it's limited and it confuses the concept of roles and permissions and has limitations with regard to multiple roles and permission conflicts.  I'm looking at developing something based on - already made a very basic start, but hopefully it can end up being much more useful...  just thought I'd share :)

  • @Matt, it would be nice if Elgg had roles as part of the core, not a lot of roles but at least more than just admin and user.

    I did see a plugin posted recently where they had an admin role so to speak except no access to the back end. For small sites an admin is probably all that is needed but for larger sites / communities roles for different user levels would be valuable.

    People could either donate to it if it isn't part of the core or it could be offered as a commercial plugin for those that would need or could use it.

    I would be willing to toss some money towards it for the community even though I don't currently need roles, other than the Admin Blog by twentyfiveautumn one I use where only the admin could post blogs.

  • @juho Thanks for this one. I just tested it. works great for me on a vanilla install.
    When additionally using from ColdTrick`s group_tools plugin everything works fine until the admin clicks on groups/requests. (where all the pending requests should be listed). I added an issue on github, too. I wasn´t able to fix it by myself yet :/

    Still, thanks a lot :)