Better plugin ordering in the plugin repository please

If you search for plugins in the plugin repository, the results are orderd by 'newest first'. It would make much more sense to order by 'last updated' or even better 'most recommended' or best: let the user decide how to order the results.
As an example: If you select the plugin category "Photos and Images" you get back 3 sites of results and Tidypics is on the third(last). Although it is the most downloaded, most recommended and most recently updated photo plugin...

And for newcomers it can make a big difference if they easily find good working plugins (most recommended)

  • Thanks for taking the time to send feedback! Means a lot when a newcomer speaks up about their experience. "Most recommended" sounds like a much more reasonable default sort than "newest."

    I reported these to the github repo:

    No promises of when we'll get to them, of course, but thanks again for the input.

  • This will be very useful.
    In addition to this, please implement

    Its just a request. Even if a plugin is most recommended but has no commitment for future or is just for fun or play by the dev, many end-users will prefer to avoid that. Many communities already have such label (eg Drupal) whether plugin is done with serious intention and will be supported for future Elgg versions. True that promises can be broken, but despite that it is good to know.

    @ Basti Schmidt  a quick visual scan at can give you a good number of needed and recommended plugins. 'most recommended' can at times enlist plugins which are no longer supported or scantily supported or may leave out newer plugins that do things better and easier. So its a little bit tricky : ideally : plugin that is being actively maintained + got most recommendation + is supporting latest Elgg : is what is most helpful for setting up a new site.

  • Here is one little issue with the "most recommended". If you have a plugin that has been around since version 1.7 or 1.8 versus one for 1.9 or 1.10, it's had much more of an opportunity to be downloaded and recommended versus a newly released plugin.

    Currently there are three options, Newest, Most Downloaded and Most recommended, what doesn't show is "What's Trending" or the "Hot New Plugin". A developer can post a great new plugin and unless there are any comments showing under Activity it quickly falls off of the first page of new plugins.

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