Elgg-Moodle Integration


I've been working a little bit with Elgg as an admin for an
educational project, and I was wondering if there's any way of
integrating Elgg and Moodle, so there's a single sign on.

What we would like to accomplish is using the access feature on the
Elgg and never ask for a password again when going to a moodle
course.  The system will have to identify the same Elgg user in

I guess I'd have to develop a plugin that allows me to do this and get
a "Courses" entry on the Tools menu.

What would you think? Is there anything like this already out there?
Is it the plugin developing the way to go?

Thanks so much for your time and help.

Juan González

  • As for developers, the community site has a subset of developers that are on the google group which is probably why you haven't gotten a response.

    It shouldn't be that difficult to create a single sign on, but of course I say that without knowing anything about Moodle. You need to handle user authentication and user sessions to do a SSO. The code for that is in the /engine/lib directory.

  • This would be a great plugin - I have a need for it too. I am not a programmer, although I badly immitate one from time to time.

    That said, what about some kind of modification to the database - make Moodle User data the same as Elgg User data? Or am I oversimplifying this?

    Is there any progress on this?

  • Strange to see a post on topic so quite long lol ;-O)

    Most of the posts on this subject have by people who do not seem to understand the architectures of Moodle and of Elgg.

    There is some development work underway to have a (smart) fashion of integration between Elgg and Moodle. That project is expected to take aprrox ** 90 days of full time time development work -- which is about the same as the official time-frame expected by the Moodle Team for the necessary Web Services code to provide this type integration.

  • Doesn't seem to be anything ready yet. I was thinking is moodle can authenticate from an external database, maybe that would work for users coming from Elgg to login to moodle

  • Why would we want to integrate Elgg and Moodle? Just to get the courseware functionality that Moodle provides? Is it more trouble to adapt Moodle to accept users from Elgg or to add the Moodle features we want to Elgg?

  • Perhaps JFusion (a Joomla component that creates master-slave relationships between platforms) might be a way to acheive a sinle sign-on. They are working on a elgg intergrator. Scalability probably an issue, but the idea is cool and working to a point. http://www.jfusion.org/ Needs Joomla front-end, natch.


  • There's already two PlugIns in existence which integrate Elgg & Moodle - written by different teams, designed along disparate architectures.

  • Thanks Dhrup,  any links?  This would be very helpful.


  • pm me your email and I'll introduce you to those teams - need to find their business cards somewhere here...