Blank page...when not logged in

Elgg was working fine.  Then I uploaded a few thousand free icon image files into the /_graphics dir for safekeeping.

Now all I see is a blank page (view source = nothing), no matter what URL I load.

At first I thought it was just an issue with FireFox 3.5 as I had done a recent upgrade.  IE 8 still worked.  I tried clearing the FF cookies but that didn't help.  Then I realized I was still logged into IE so I tried logging out and now all I get is blank pages too.

I tried deleting the icon files but that didn't help.

The .htaccess file hasn't been changed...not sure what else it could be.

I'm guessing something is broken that this index.php code depends on:

  * Start the Elgg engine
  require_once(dirname(__FILE__) . "/engine/start.php");
  if (!trigger_plugin_hook('index','system',null,false)) {
        * Check to see if user is logged in, if not display login form
    if (isloggedin()) forward('pg/dashboard/');
         //Load the front page
          global $CONFIG;
          $title = elgg_view_title(elgg_echo('content:latest'));
          $content = list_registered_entities(0,10,true,false,array('object','group'));
          global $autofeed;
          $autofeed = false;
          $content = elgg_view_layout('two_column_left_sidebar', '', $title . $content, elgg_view("account/forms/login"));
          page_draw(null, $content);


Any ideas?  I did Google and found people that had similar problems when first installing Elgg, but I've been running it for a couple months now.

  • page_draw(null, $content);




  • That's the standard index.php that comes with the Elgg distro...

    It hates me though :(

  • I check beside fresh from the pkg and it looks ok to me

  • Ok, I did the empty disabled file in the /mod directory trick and figured out it was the "Bookmarks" plugin that was causing the problem.

    I have made some customizations to it, so I'll have to figure out what I did to break it.  Stupid me.

  • This is why I keep a copy of the full pkg.  If I brake it I can alway upload the original then track back.

  • Well maybe not...I back up everything before any changes and keep copies of everything

  • @Kane

    koorious problem here ;-) should not be...

    warning: do not get me entangled into this !!

    b/c i will need yr cpanel/etc details and probably hack my way into the cause and the solution...




  • Haha Dhrup, this is craziness!

    I know it's the bookmarks plugin, but I can't figure out why.  I tried commenting out lines (adding menus, extending views, registering actions) in the start.php file hoping I could narrow it down.

    Now the start.php is COMPLETELY EMPTY!   But whenver I enable the plugin I get blank pages if I'm not logged in.  What...the...???

    How could the plugin be breaking anything with an empty start.php?  I guess I obviously have a lot to learn about Elgg....ugh.

  • Getting closer...

    It wasn't the bookmarks plugin by itself...turns out it was the combination of custom_index and bookmarks being enabled at the same time.

    I narrowed it down to this line in the custom_index start.php file:


  • Oh jeeez...I got it...

    At the top of the /mod/bookmarks/views/default/object/bookmarks.php file I had added:

    $user_guid = $_SESSION['user']->getGUID();

    And I guess if you try that when I user isn't logged in you get a blank page.  Cool!