I Need Someone to Develop an Authentication Plugin

I need someone to develop a plugin for me for authentication of new members to a group.  It may involve a little more than a plugin, but I figured we'd start there.  Contact me if you're a plugin developer or if you know of one.

  • Mike, I had thought about Elgg for a realestate community, so, interesting that this is what it turns out to be. ...If you want to know the serious plugin developers, just watch the plugins that are posted. ...For a shortcut, go to my bookmarks. I have all of the serious one's bookmarked. For a plugin like this, you might approach Vazco from ElggDev.com. Jeroen is also amazing and would be worth contacting. Brett is also amazing, but he is working for Curverider now, so I don't know if he is taking jobs like this. Kevin is king, of course and I know he does it as a business. I don't know if Cash is taking jobs like this, but he is awesome.

  • @Mike consider yourself serious first and foremost. Why? because your goal surrounds business.

    set up a development enviroment and start destroying ... errrr costumizing ELGG even if you are doing it wrong and get a feel for what you are doing. Some really helpfull tools would be getting yourself an IDE and there are a few free ones out there... and in and of itself, learning how to use them can be an adventure in and of itself. However a good IDE has some advantages to getting to know ELGG or any piece of software, things like code completion will help you understand ELGG specific functions (because ELGG has done a great job of documenting itself internally and it shows up when you use an IDE). A simple place to start would be Komodo Edit, although that lacks a PHP debugger unless you pay for the bigger IDE... Aptana Studio is terrific on this level, so is NetBeans and good ol' Eclipse PHP, they all require a tiny bit of a learning curve to get them going so you know how to use them. Download Firefox and look for all the addons that are tuned for web development, in particular firebug and xdebug helper. XAMP and Winamp are two good Apache servers useful for setting up a local enviroment... all this will lead to a better understanding of what is going on underneath ELGG's hood...

    once you get that far, or even if you have gotten that far already... the experience will lead to understanding ELGG in general.

    I also suggest learning how to build a theme first. this has a huge advantage of learning how ELGG can override its own structure based on folder hierarchies which leads to you grasping how you might do your own plugins.

    Read everything on here.

    Make friends with Dhrup through paypal.

    Taking yourself seriously will lead to others becoming more involved in your discussions whether privately or in public.

    Ultimately do not be afraid to break ELGG on your experimental platform, after all you can just delete and reinstall, it is afterall software.

  • Who gives a shit what website it is... Talking for myself, I am only interested in the functionality.. I would still do it even if it was a fetish porn website... 

    But as other like Dhrup and Zak so rightfully said, it seems to me that the webmaster operates a business website and should perhaps ask for quotes on a job of this nature.. because this not a very simple mod.. if it was, I would do it for free regardless whether it's a biz site or not. I'm sure everyone else would offer help when they can.

  • @UKR.. I am not being filthy... And if you don't like what I have to say, just ignore it, but never never tell me what I can and what I cannot do... As for the slammer... well, first, I never did a porn wbsite, that is not to say I wont... I am a big boy, have a double major and can handle problems.. so, if I do produce any porn websites, I promise you I'll let you know to see how you gonna have me in the slammer.


    Again.. I don't give a fuck about what website it is.... the important thing is to produce the functionality the person is asking.. Having said that, I sould mention that I think I can do this job, but I wouldn't accept it at this time because I am doing a a job for the Department of Education and from there I have another job for a large sports stadium website... So, it wont be fair to take their money and make them wait for me to get my shit together.

    That's the way shit goes.

  • I would happily accept technical advice decorated with dirty language... but what I wont accept is bad attitude and fake superiorities.

    Take it or leave, jut don't tell me how to make it.

    End of story. 

  • @UKR

    Please post some Elgg Php  code so that everyone will know what you are talking about, thank you.


  • @Ukr  rename on topic or leave the tread others may have interest.

  • I have searched thru all the PlugIn listings.. not a single one says "by Ukr Programmer" LOLZ ;-)

  • @ukr... Intelligent people often ask questions before they jump to conclusions... specially programmers and developers and code authors... I think it's quiet evident that if I want to direct a acomment at you, I would have said so... Therefore, my original comment was not event directed at you... I read your yabble about sales people and all that crap... but my comment was for all to realise that what was asked is a code, not a freagin character assessment.. right??  Pointing to others as the best on Elgg???? Let me tell you this with all the pride in the world: I've never claimed nor wanted to be the seen as the best, because unlike you, I am not arrogent and I am honest about my capabilities, and I know others here know far lot more than I do.. and I can live with that very happily.

    You are right about one thing tho, those who contributed to the core and wrote plugins are a bunch of awesome coders... and I would happily sit on the bottom of their list... so now, are you gonna cancel my million dollar contract???? You are unreal.

    Your little act could have been everted if you applied the simplist excersice a half decent web developer would apply: ask first.. And this might be the best advice YOU ever received.. ok?

    Finally, I don't like bullshit artists, and you are one.. and here's why:

    You got all wound up because you THOUGHT I was disagreeing to your post above... Not because of the filthy language... so why pretend that you had an issue with the language...?????

    I wont be commenting on this anymore, because this is called hi-jacking a thread... you should know about that Mr Top Deal.