1.7 roadmap

Already being worked on:

  • watermarking
  • better uploading
  • slideshow

We will also be releasing a plugin that demonstrates how Tidypics can be skinned. (Don't look for anything for the next few weeks.)

We're also considering album sorting and image cropping.

What else would you like to see here?

  • For reference here is the link to cooliris: http://www.cooliris.com/

    We added plugin hooks so people can write plugins to add their own watermarking code. I don't know about the other Tidypics developers but I don't plan to put much more time into it. The ImageMagick watermarking might show up better on dark images.

  • i report a discussion from cooliris:

    1. Is it possible to add audio to the wall?

      I don't mean background music, i mean snippets of audio that you click on to playback. Just like how video can be clicked on to be played back.

      I tried linking the audio in the rss as type =
      audio/mpeg: but it didn't show a play button
      video/flv: and it shows the playback, i hit play and it downloads the file (HTTP Watch) but doesn't play it
      We currently don't support pure audio (ex. MP3), but FLVs should work just fine in the wall. What codec are you using to encode your FLV? Also, could we see your RSS feed to better diagnose? Feel free to send an e-mail to bugs@cooliris.com


      sorry i wasn't clear. I was trying to trick cooliris into playing back pure audio by setting its type to video/flv (didn't work)

      real flv's work fine
  • Hi,

    this is a brilliant plugin, the only thing missing from my point of view, unless i missed this option completely, is the option for the admin or user to set the album to set the permition so that not just anyone can right click and save the images. Some kind of option like selecting loggon user/friends/private. Or is there a way of doing this already.

    Thanks again for this excellent tool.


  • I just went through all the install command updates for Image magick but I don't see any new features over the standard GD? What am I looking for with Image magick; resizing, image crop, rotate? Is the PHP version what I need to address with my server people? HELP!

  • ImageMagick does not add an extra capability over GD but makes the current capability better (can handle larger images for example)

  • Great work team.

    Feature request: Would like to have the possibility of moving images from one album to other.

  • Great work and exciting roadmap
    I read some where, Elgg team is planning to saparet file plugin based on the file type. Obviously every type of file has different type of re-presentation (Like pics, videos, pdf) etc. So i suggest to go for saparet file uploading plugin (ajax or flash uploader) which can be used by any type of file format. Otherwise every plugin has to create their own file uploaders.

  • @i Z A P - good idea. I already did some work with flash upload tool for tidypics, it's still not in SVN but is working fine for me. Maybe someone would like to use this.

  • @IZAP: Great Idea!

  • Maybe create a plugin the does uploading and provide the proper hooks for other plugins to use it?