1.7 roadmap

Already being worked on:

  • watermarking
  • better uploading
  • slideshow

We will also be releasing a plugin that demonstrates how Tidypics can be skinned. (Don't look for anything for the next few weeks.)

We're also considering album sorting and image cropping.

What else would you like to see here?

  • I'd be more interested (read: my userbase would be) in photo -rescaling- than photo cropping. Cropping would indeed be awesome, but perhaps I have a different priority order to most because my userbase isn't the most technically gifted and being able to resize would probably mean they'd actually be able to upload pictures... since a lot of them can't figure out how to make their images smaller. -.-

    I wish I ran a site for geeks & nerds. They'd complain more but it'd be easier. :p

  • @Dagorath - are you using ImageMagick or imagick for resizing?

  • One idea: a widget that can show large images in a slideshow way at site homepage, based in the most recent or most viewed images.

    PS. a way to set content as adult, so only after accept some terms people can see some images. I work with 3D illustration and nudity is a constant in the job.

  • Watermarking should be an optional feature in the admin-panel.

    Or; The users can choose if they want watermark as they're name and/or some kind of site logo. :-)

  • I haven't had a chance to dig very deeply into tidypics yet so not really sure all it is capable of.

    If it' possible for a future roadmap sometime, I would love to see the ability to have multi-level subcategories. On my primary website I have used photopost for years with tens of thousands of pics in it. It is very easy to organize everything with subcats.

    Also, have not yet looked into how seo friendly tidypics is yet, but I would suggest going to extreme measures to make tidy as seo friendly as possible. I am always amazed at how well google pics up my images in photopost and their rankings are always very high. Things like meta tag generation, spider friendly urls, alt tags using keywords and description etc...


  • album sorting sounds great!

    another option should be individual image sorting!

  • Dead ends are bad user experience can you replace the the link when you clikc the image to a zoom effect like i talked about in the group... it should use something like lytebox...

    Also some river stuff...

    On my site if the image is not given a titled the the river entry for a comment shows no link...

    Joe Blow posted a comment on the image

    Then nothing...

    Also if you could have a thumb nail of the image and album when things are commented on... that would be great so it would look similar to the entry when i new image is added.


    I know it has bee talked about before but tagging notifications since it already keeps track of friends so if you select on it would be nice if it sent a message..

    Also if you select a tag from a friend it would be nice if it had a list of people tagged in the view image screen somewhere with links to their profiles.

    Just some suggestions I hope they help...

  • Photo sorting was mentioned. What about moving photos from one album to another?

  • I would really like to have Creative Commons licensing built in to Tidypics.