Future of the plugin database on the community

I like to know what the future plans of the Elgg owners is about the plugins on this community.  This discussion became off topic but had some interesting insights from Evan, Ismayil and RvR that it appears that the plugin part of the community is beyond repair and should be left to die.

I currently do not share that feeling and would like the core developers to take it as a challenge to improve the plugin part and to decide on some rules to make sure that plugin developers are still compelled to work with the core team and the admins to enhance Elgg. Those rules should also make a statement that plugins on this community are backed by the core in some way that admins get more confidence in its use and are less likely to complain about dependencies.

Plugin developer should not be forced to move go to github alone and live a quiet live as Ismayil decided to do (while understanding his reasoning), That is not how an open source project should move forward is my personal opinion.

I would also like to know what other community members think about how to move forward on this. But if the general opininion is to move plugins to github, I will comply to that and remove my plugins as well.

  • I can only fully agree with @Jeroen Dalsem. Actually, I've made the same arguments already some time ago when the very same discussion about pulling plugins from github / packagist instead of uploading them directly to the community site repo has taken place (thread started by @Evan as far as I remember). If you think it's of any use, then please make it a second option IN PARALLEL to the existing hosting but please NOT a replacement. My impression is that it would not be used by many plugin developers in the first place (even as option) and it would surely stop some developers from adding new plugins if it would be the only way.

    As for Jeroen, github is not the place I want to offer stuff for end-users. I also want to avoid people starting to post any support questions at github. That's why I try to post new versions here asap. If anyone wants to download directly from github or clone a repo then they should feel free to do so. But github is a place for developers and it should be kept this way.

    Packagist might become an alternative solution for installing plugins / Elgg at some time. Surely it isn't now. I was asked to make it possible to install Tidypics via Packagist some months ago (even having no need for that myself). And there was not even a single download / install made since then! Maybe some people like it to install stuff from there and possibly get any dependencies resolved in the background automatically. But I don't like such kind of blackbox behaviour at all. It feels like a framework being used within the actual framework (Elgg). I never liked any framework plugins either but prefer stand-alone plugins instead.

    Also, the community plugin repo could be seen as kind of a showroom to be used by developers to present their work. I'm coding just for fun and do not accept any paid work. Still I get asked once in a while if I would do some jobs which I then decline. The plugins here are for free - as they are - and people will of course ask for some specific features once in a while. But maybe some suggestions are even good. And all the others could get ignored or declined in a friendly manner (or for a paid developer: simply say what it would cost for you to implement it). And you not only get feature requests but you also get bug reports for free. Of course, we all try to avoid any bugs but you can never test enough. Other people simply find out more each coming from a slightly different angel. That's one of the things all the non-devs here are most helpful: making Elgg and its plugins as a whole better.

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