NC - To create Google embed map plugin

This would be a single use or purpose plugin, it would take a google map url whether the full url or short url and embed the map similar to what sitecodes does but do but do it automatically.

I need the plugin created unless the existing sitecodes plugin can be customized to automatically do the job.

Say I enter the Google map url (normal or short) (not the actual iframe to embed it from google maps.)

Just as the videos plugin embeds a youtube video from the url, it would encase the google map url in the shortcode so it would become

[googlemap width="400" height="300" src=""]

It would work in the blog, bookmarks etc so any place a google map url is entered the map will be embedded.

Please pm me a quote for this plugin.

This plugin will be donated to the community upon it's completion.

Thank you,


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