Future of my plugins in this community

Before I do anything drastic, I wanted to ask for some ideas on how to best handle this.

I am growing increasingly overwhelmed with the amount of work that goes into:

  1. Answering all the question about my plugins in this community
  2. Packaging my plugins for public consumption
  3. Dealing with compatibility issues with plugins I have never heard of and never will ever need in my work

It seems there is a great misconception as to why I even bother sharing my work with the community. My inspiration with the open source community costs me too my effort and time, and it seems I am hitting the limit.

So, my thoughts are to remove all plugins from the community and only maintain github repositories. Alternative ideas are welcome.

  • Reading the different responses of opinions here, I wonder if something is not going well? people begin to remove plugins why and why people should started publishing plugins in github ?, if that community is likely to remain without a future. looking at this link: https://github.com/KnpLabs/packagist-api, I see that AC heater. ▶ Connections things as it is. The contribution of everyone in this community gives success and success in honor of Elgg facing all humanity. Everyone is not a developer and developer disappears if their plugins, the family will stay here in regret, there is more happiness in giving has received, most important thing in human life is to be in a community and live in love.
    Just my contribution

  • Has the plugins been removed already? I will like to take back/back up my comments (associated with those plugins, if any) which are important to me. Or at least be given a time-period in which I can do so. If there is any archive, please post the link.

    It will be great if the suggested labels / tags associated with plugins are implemented with immediate effect ref. in https://github.com/Elgg/community_plugins/issues/89

    -Just as part of other project or to scratch my own itch
    -Not sure.

    Community users can use a plugin then according to their choice. Thank you.

  • @kanha

    which are important to me

    +1ed for it

    If there is any archive, please post the link

    I have some archived pages (and Google's cache too :) ). I'll publish it soon. Stay tuned...


    All plugins are messed now: dates, sorting...



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