Future of my plugins in this community

Before I do anything drastic, I wanted to ask for some ideas on how to best handle this.

I am growing increasingly overwhelmed with the amount of work that goes into:

  1. Answering all the question about my plugins in this community
  2. Packaging my plugins for public consumption
  3. Dealing with compatibility issues with plugins I have never heard of and never will ever need in my work

It seems there is a great misconception as to why I even bother sharing my work with the community. My inspiration with the open source community costs me too my effort and time, and it seems I am hitting the limit.

So, my thoughts are to remove all plugins from the community and only maintain github repositories. Alternative ideas are welcome.


    I liked this: I still think that you will share some ways to improve things and in the end you / your life as well

  • I regret your decision, not for myself. Github is good enough for me. I also understand your reasoning, so no argument there.

    I do think that the Elgg owners should do something with this. There are not so many active developers (maybe 50), let alone those with the experience like Ismayil, that would narrow it down to maybe 15.

    Maybe the core developers will not like it, but I guess it is time to set some strict quality standards on plugins. Not any plugin should be accepted, nor should a plugin live forever. To many dependancies, to many questions from unexperienced admins, resulting in frustration and attacking developers who in their turn will become frustrated too and take drastic measures like this.

    It al breaks down the image of Elgg as a stable, well developed platform with great plugins. Time for cleaning up the house a bit, is what I suggest.

    Maybe Ismayil will return in time with his plugins if that is the case, since he will be recognized as a qualified developer, since no other developer is allowed to publish plugins. It also makes a statement to users, that you can rely on the quality of the work or it would not be here.

    Anyway, it is a sad day for the Elgg community that Ismayil decided to take away his plugins.

  • +1 for making a sustainable choice, Ismayil.

  • @Evan, wow ! A core developer recommending one of it's great plugin developers to take down his software from your own community. What does that say about this community ? Isn't it suitable for its task anymore ? Then burn it to the ground and built something you do support.

  • This should come as no surprise. I have already clearly voiced my opinion about the current plugins repo:


    Burning the current repo down and replacing it with something else is not too far off from what I'd like to see happen.

  • Does Github have an API to list or mirror user's repos?

  • I missed that one, but it's opening is "Evan's crazy idea of the day" I think it is a bad idea and it would be better to make this community better. Especially regarding plugins. If you are serious about it, why would you want me to participate over here. I should leave too, like Ismayil and remove all plugins. Is that the idea ?

  • The idea is that the plugins would get pulled in and listed automatically so you don't have to do any extra work to package/distribute/maintain them. The package would be expected to be composer-friendly so that there is one-true-way to install.

    Seems very feasible, too: https://github.com/KnpLabs/packagist-api

    $packagist->search('elgg'); // boom, all elgg-related composer-ready packages

    We could still offer discussion/support features here. That's something that packagist doesn't offer...

  • Too complicated for novice admins. Please give a clear answer on the future of this community ? Is it sunset or do you plan on improving it's use ?

  • I like that idea, automation but not everyone would agree. I don't mind the upload forms either.

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